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First of all, I want to thank the readers that have found theyoungamerican and keep coming back.  We had our first 100 hits day this week.  That’s a small start but it is encouraging.  As you know, theyoungamerican posts news articles and our commentary along with the occasional op ed.  But that is not why the site exists.  Theyoungamerican was created to give all youngamerican’s the opportunity to get involved in actually affecting who our representatives are, not only by voting in elections and occasionally giving money to campaigns, but in playing a role in who will be in the election and to stock the lower rungs of government throughout the country with likeminded politicians.

Theyoungamerican exists to be a place where anyone can nominate a candidate that is running for any office in the land to be endorsed by theyoungamerican.  To do this you simply post a comment on the “Nominate a youngamerican” page.  Once this happens, we will open up a separate page for the nominee where anyone can conduct research on the nominee and post their findings (news, voting record, etc.) 

After a 30 day “vetting” process, we take a vote.  If theyoungamericans vote to nominate the candidate, theyoungamerican will send the candidate a letter asking for their permission to endorse them and ask them to sign a simple statement that verifies that they agree to the core values of theyoungamerican.  You can see this letter by clicking here. 

Once the candidate signs and returns this letter, we then set up an entire page devoted to being a organizational platform for youngamericans around the country that want to organize for and support the candidate.  We can network, plan events, raise funds, share best practices, organize door to door campaigns, etc.

The goal is to see politicians from around the country get elected that support the core values of theyoungamerican, namely, a true desire to protect and govern by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, limit the size of government, excessive taxation, protect life and the country, and allow people to pursue their own religion, happiness, and freedom.  This includes the need for free markets, reducing the national debt, state’s rights, tort reform, and much more. 

Join with us!  Nominate a youngamerican to any office in the country.  Sign up for the newsletter.  Forward the site to your friends and family.  Let’s create a grassroots movement like no other.



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Don’t you just love when a politician or a strategist run one of the worst campaigns in recent history, and then come out and tell everyone else how to win in politics?  The geneous political strategist, Steve Schmidt, who is the former top adviser to John McCain during his failed campaign is now telling the Replublicans how to win.  (Read “Mccain Strategist Warns GOP Risks Religious Party“)

Mr. Schmidt tells us that the GOP is setting itself up as the “religious” party and if we do that, we become “sectarian” and a sectarian party cannot have a longterm future.  Yeah, I like the prospects of the longterm future that the McCain campaign has laid the foundation for.  Good work Mr. Schmidt.

In today’s PC world, I will go on to say that I have nothing against homosexuals, I simply don’t want to change thousands of years of human history and the basis of civilization because less than one percent of the total US population wants too.  Anyone with a brain and a conscience (which is the real issue here) knows that the nuclear family (as uncool as it is these days) is the primary means of keeping the peace, keeping kids off of drugs and out of jail, and promoting civilized, productive society. 

But hey, let’s just throw that all aside so that we do not appear to be “religious.”