This is a platform to be a place where people can “nominate” a candidate to receive the support of theyoungamerican .  After a candidate is nominated we will discuss him or her, do research on them, basically just vet them to see if they stand up to our conservative ideals, and then take a vote on them as to whether or not we, as a cyber community, will support them.  Once a candidate is voted on and approved we will add another area to the site where individuals can network, discuss and organize ways to support this candidate.  Again, no office is too small.  We must start locally to ensure that the national candidates of tomorrow are in the pipeline.


How to Nominate

Any person visiting this blog can nominate a candidate that is running for any office anywhere in the country.  The person can state their case for the candidate at this time.  You can do this by posting a comment anywhere on the sight and theyoungamerican will move it to become an actual blog post.  I realize this is not an ideal interface but, at this point, it’s all we’ve got.  If this catches on, we will develop a more efficient process.  One other person will need to second the nomination on the blog in the comment section.  Once this happens, the nomination is confirmed.  Pretty simple, huh.


The Vetting Process

Now on to the fun stuff.  Any person can conduct research on the candidate (speeches, news articles, press releases, etc.) and post the information on the blog in the comment section.  This discussion process will take place for 30 days to give everyone interested time to review the data and do their own research.  We will only limit comments that are profane, clearly untrue, or inspire hate.



After 30 days, we will post a poll.  Each person will only be allowed one vote.  The vote will be up or down.  The voting process will go on for 7 days.  At the end of the 7 days, if the candidate is approved by the voters, theyoungamerican will send a letter to the candidate stating the youngamerican’s ideals and principles and ask the candidate to sign the letter stating that they agree with the views of theyoungamerican.  (You can read this letter by clicking here.)  If they sign and return the letter, theyoungamerican will set up a separate link for the candidate for their supporters to network, discuss, and organize ways to support this candidate.  It was the grassroots movement that got our current President elected and it will be grassroots that will effectively get youngamericans elected.


Simple enough, right.  Let the nominating begin.  2010 is right around the corner.



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