Dear ____________,

You have been nominated, voted on, and approved to be a true youngamerican representative.  Theyoungamerican would like to offer its endorsement and many members of theyoungamerican wish to support you.  We only ask that you read the ideals and principles of Theyoungamerican on the enclosed attachment, sign and return the letter to the address listed above.

Best wishes in your campaign,












Ideals and Principles of Theyoungamerican


          We believe that all members of society have first and foremost, the right to life, from the very beginning to the very end.  The sanctity of life is the most fundamental element of our society and we believe that any society that disregards life fails in its most important responsibility.



          We believe, as our founders did, that individual liberty is granted, not by government, but by our Creator, and thus, is the individuals ownership.  Government is the elected protector of individual liberty and anytime that the government oversteps and removes individual liberties, the people are to act by voting in new representation.  Individual liberties include the freedom to worship as one chooses without interference, to speak, write, protest, and seek their own self interest, whatever that might be, within the bounds of common law.  We further believe that government interferes with individual liberty via excessive taxation, interfering with state and local governments, excessive regulation, and by perpetrating damage on the free enterprise system, just to name a few.  In other words, we believe in a small, constitutionally based government.


The Pursuit of Happiness

          We believe that all individuals are created equal and are to have individual liberty as stated above.  In so, each person is allowed to pursue their own happiness in any way they choose, within the standard of common law, but that each individual is not “guaranteed” happiness by the state. 


By signing this document, I hereby state that I am in agreement with the stated ideals and principles of Theyoungamerican and will endeavor to the best of my ability to live and govern accordingly.




Representative’s name


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