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First of all, I want to thank the readers that have found theyoungamerican and keep coming back.  We had our first 100 hits day this week.  That’s a small start but it is encouraging.  As you know, theyoungamerican posts news articles and our commentary along with the occasional op ed.  But that is not why the site exists.  Theyoungamerican was created to give all youngamerican’s the opportunity to get involved in actually affecting who our representatives are, not only by voting in elections and occasionally giving money to campaigns, but in playing a role in who will be in the election and to stock the lower rungs of government throughout the country with likeminded politicians.

Theyoungamerican exists to be a place where anyone can nominate a candidate that is running for any office in the land to be endorsed by theyoungamerican.  To do this you simply post a comment on the “Nominate a youngamerican” page.  Once this happens, we will open up a separate page for the nominee where anyone can conduct research on the nominee and post their findings (news, voting record, etc.) 

After a 30 day “vetting” process, we take a vote.  If theyoungamericans vote to nominate the candidate, theyoungamerican will send the candidate a letter asking for their permission to endorse them and ask them to sign a simple statement that verifies that they agree to the core values of theyoungamerican.  You can see this letter by clicking here. 

Once the candidate signs and returns this letter, we then set up an entire page devoted to being a organizational platform for youngamericans around the country that want to organize for and support the candidate.  We can network, plan events, raise funds, share best practices, organize door to door campaigns, etc.

The goal is to see politicians from around the country get elected that support the core values of theyoungamerican, namely, a true desire to protect and govern by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, limit the size of government, excessive taxation, protect life and the country, and allow people to pursue their own religion, happiness, and freedom.  This includes the need for free markets, reducing the national debt, state’s rights, tort reform, and much more. 

Join with us!  Nominate a youngamerican to any office in the country.  Sign up for the newsletter.  Forward the site to your friends and family.  Let’s create a grassroots movement like no other.



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Welcome to theyoungamerican blog.  This is our first post, and odds are, you could be the first person to read it.  Theyoungamerican is certainly a humble little blog, but with big ambitions.  If you don’t know what we are all about, please read the About section of this blog.  To summarize our purpose, theyoungamerican exists to

1.       Create a forum for likeminded youngamericans to discuss the principles and policies that will lead the country forward in a way that is consistent with our country’s founding.  (Our founding along with The Almighty’s blessing is the reason America has had the success that it has.)

2.       To nominate, vet, discuss, and eventually elect youngamericans across the country to office starting at the local level (if we don’t start locally we will never get to the national level).

3.       To establish a grassroots movement to rival that of liberal groups that wish to reshape the country and take it away from the principles and values of our founding.

In the coming weeks there will be two sections to this blog.  One will be discussion oriented and one will be focused on identifying, vetting, and discussing potential youngamerican political candidates (if you do not know what a youngamerican is, read the About section of this blog) around the country. 


If you are thinking, “what’s the point in nominating, vetting, etc., etc. youngamericans?  This seems like a waste of time.  We are working on some future initiative while the preverbal house is burning down.”  Well, you’re partly right.  However, we are just individuals that don’t really have a great deal of impact on a national level.  We have to trust that the collective will of the American people will react to the current administration’s overreach in taking our country down a path that is contrary to the Constitution and to what the President promised during his campaign.  We also have to trust in the Almighty’s deliverance.  This is not the first time that the nation has started to move swiftly toward the cliff, and we have always been brought back, we believe, by God’s provision.  If we are not able to trust in these two things, then we have already lost. 


Theyoungamerican acknowledges that the nation is in trouble, and that a radical agenda is being aggressively enacted in a duplicitous nature using the current economic conditions to ram through far reaching and potentially destructive policies.  But, we believe that The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter,, and thousands of other blogs, talk show hosts, columnists and others (unfortunately, elected Republicans are not yet on this list) are more than adequate to counter what is being done at a national level.  Theyoungamerican exists to plan for the future, and the future of our nation lies with the individuals that comprise the nation and their potential to accomplish extraordinary things.  We also believe that the government can provide an assistance to the potential of the American people or it can be a hindrance.  Our work is to ensure that the government of tomorrow is made up of theyoungamericans of today that want to encourage and enable the American people’s potential, not demean, control, and tax it to death.


So concerning theyoungamericans nominating agenda, articles will be forthcoming laying out how this process will take place, but for now just consider this; no office is too small, no nomination too irrelevant, no one candidate too unknown.  Yes, we would love to have a youngamerican President, House Member, or Senator, but we will also be more than happy to see youngamericans elected to State Houses and Senates, city councils, school boards, Lt. Governor, and the list could go on and on.  Change and reform can be made at every level of government, and as we have stated before and will state again and again, we will not have relevance at a national level unless we first have relevance at a local level.


So start thinking about candidates that you would like to call out for upcoming elections.  We realize that elections are a ways off, but it’s never too early to start.  Perhaps you would like to call out a youngamerican that is already in office in your town or state, and give them accolades for staying strong and keeping to their principles.  That’s great too. 


We are also in the process of developing our first series of articles for discussion that look at how life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the bedrock of our founding and our country’s success, and how the preservation of these foundations and the belief in them is fundamental to the future of the country.


This process will take time, but we must never forget that the country and its government are ours; of the people, by the people, and for the people.