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Fred Thompson, a former Republican presidential nominee has come out against the Obama administration’s decision to release additional torture photos allegedly conducted by the CIA and the US military.

You can see a six minute interview with Fred Thompson conducted by Newsmax by clicking here. (Click Here)

Thompson says, “In one stroke of a pen he declassified top-secret documents that people would otherwise go to jail for releasing. It gave al-Qaida and the Taliban a blueprint as to the outer limits of our interrogation techniques.”

“We have to remember that the techniques were used in the aftermath of 9/11. Congress was briefed on these techniques. Some of them asked if they were really going far enough to get what they needed to get, and it was approved at high levels in the administration.”

“They carefully crafted them as best they could to not go too far, and to provide safeguards when they were carrying out these admittedly rough techniques on these people who had this vital information.”




Thompson goes on to say, “We elected someone who didn’t have two minutes’ worth of experience with regard to matters concerning national security. Now he’s cast in this position and he’s making decisions that are going to have far-reaching ramifications not only abroad, and not only with our enemies, but in dividing our country even further here at home in ways I don’t think we’ve ever been divided before.”

“We’re going to have members of Congress testifying against each other if they go down this road.”

Thompson’s defining comment was to say that this move shows President Obama’s “naiveté, ineptitude and arrogance.”

It’s too bad that we didn’t nominate a Republican a few months ago that could have made these obvious observations during the campaign. Unfortunately, it’s a little too late. How in the world will new recruits want to join the military and the CIA? How will our current operatives trust their leadership when commanded to carry out difficult and dangerous missions? And how will our enemies use these photos and the previously released memos to increase their radicalization of Islamic youth? But at least the European’s and the Huffington Post will love our President.

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Our thoughts and, most importantly, prayers, go out to theyoungamerican’s favorite columnist and non-politician female conservative, Ann Coulter.  Her mother, whom she spoke and wrote about frequently, has passed on to her Maker.  Cancer was the culprit, but something tells me after reading Ann’s eulogy, heaven is all the better due to her arrival. 

Read Ann Coulter’s eulogy column here.  It will truly make you tear up and think of every good thing about the one’s you love that you possibly can.

I realize many of you will read this column and say that she shouldn’t have been political and make Democrat jokes in her mother’s eulogy.  I guess all I can say is, get a sense of humor.  I pray that one day, my kids will be so kind.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me…” 

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See for yourself.  David Axelrod on Face the Nation.  Basically the Obama administration’s position is that everyone who is not in line with George Soros is a fringe radical.   Love the change.

Every time we turn around another member of the Obama administration is insinuating that tea party protestors are fringe radicals on the verge of mounting a revolution to try to overthrow the government.  First it was Janet Napolitano’s releasing of the “Rightwing Danger” report to law enforcement around the country.  Now, they’ve struck again.  David Axelrod, senior Obama advisor stated on Face the Nation this Sunday that, “so far” these protests are just “expressions.”  (Read “Axelrod: Tea Party Anger is Misdirected”)  Obviously implying, “you just wait, those crazy Christian, conservatives are going to start throwing bombs any day now.” 




Quick reminder, of nearly all (and by all I mean far more than 90%) of the terroristic and non-peaceful protests in this country since…forever, have either come from liberals (Weather Underground, etc.), non-politicals (John Hinckley Jr.), and Islamic terrorists.  So please spare me the speech about how people protesting excessive, intrusive, productivity stifling government is one step away from anarchy. 

Axelrod goes on to tell us that the tea bag anger at President Obama is misplaced.  He says Obama just gave 95% of American’s a tax cut.  This is asinine!  This is a perfect reason why the Democratic Party HAS to maintain total control over the education system.  People have to be completely stupid and uneducated to support them.  The tea parties weren’t so much about excessive taxation right now, they were about government spending and impending tax increases in the future to cover the bill.  Sorry, an extra $13 a pay period doesn’t make all of that go away.

I am beginning to realize, this is not the same country that it was a few months ago and has been all of my life.  Liberals screamed about how they couldn’t criticize Bush without being called unpatriotic, even though Bush and his administration never leveled such claims.  However, with our new President, peaceful and reasoned descent is cause for worry and to send out the minions to lie to and divide the American people. 

If this is change, keep it.  I’ll keep my freedom.


Don’t you just love when a politician or a strategist run one of the worst campaigns in recent history, and then come out and tell everyone else how to win in politics?  The geneous political strategist, Steve Schmidt, who is the former top adviser to John McCain during his failed campaign is now telling the Replublicans how to win.  (Read “Mccain Strategist Warns GOP Risks Religious Party“)

Mr. Schmidt tells us that the GOP is setting itself up as the “religious” party and if we do that, we become “sectarian” and a sectarian party cannot have a longterm future.  Yeah, I like the prospects of the longterm future that the McCain campaign has laid the foundation for.  Good work Mr. Schmidt.

In today’s PC world, I will go on to say that I have nothing against homosexuals, I simply don’t want to change thousands of years of human history and the basis of civilization because less than one percent of the total US population wants too.  Anyone with a brain and a conscience (which is the real issue here) knows that the nuclear family (as uncool as it is these days) is the primary means of keeping the peace, keeping kids off of drugs and out of jail, and promoting civilized, productive society. 

But hey, let’s just throw that all aside so that we do not appear to be “religious.”

You must watch this new video.  Its absolutely spot on.  BTW, sorry for editorial post this week.  There will be one next week on Liberty.