Welcome to theyoungamerican blog.  Theyoungamerican exists to create a place for youngamericans to come together and discuss our future and plan for the successful outcome that we desire, be it politically, educationally, or from a religious or family focused perspective.  In fact, we want to discuss all of these areas and more because they are all relevant to the future of our great country.  This blog is not necessarily a place to vent, though venting is sometimes necessary.  It is a place to state the problems, discuss solutions, and, most importantly, act.  How do we act?  Well, we’re getting there.


But before we can start stating, discussing and acting, you might ask, what is a youngamerican?  Good question.  The typical youngamerican is first of all an American.  We love the country, want the best for it and are proud to be called Americans.  Secondly, a youngamerican is of course, young.  We do not think that the perspectives of the older generations are not valid; on the contrary, we believe that the current younger generations have not paid enough attention to those that have gone before us.  We’re not just referring to the prior generation or two, but all of history.  We have much to learn from the older generations and from history at large, but we have to take those insights and apply them to our own culture, government, and lives.  It is time for youngamericans to start taking a place of leadership in our society and government.  We will one day be the older generation and what will our children say that we left for them?  What will our legacy be?  So, for the purposes of this blog, a youngamerican will be between the ages of 22-40, although all ages are welcome to participate.


Thirdly, a youngamerican, by the definition of this blog, is conservative.  Don’t think you’re a conservative?  Well, if you believe that one should have the ability to live, have liberty and the ability to pursue their own happiness than you are most likely a conservative.  The clincher in this definition of a conservative is if you believe that you have the ability to live, have liberty, and the ability to pursue your own happiness from your creator, not the government, then you are or are well on your way to becoming a conservative.  If you prefer to call yourself a libertarian, a pragmatist, independent, or non-political, then power to you.  Based on the definition of a conservative set forward by this blog, you are a conservative. 


Lastly, a youngamerican is sick and tired and angry about where are country is going, how our political parties are selling out their voters (and that includes the Republican Party) and are ready to make some REAL change.  We are tired of hearing our politicians say one thing and do another.  We are tired of seeing the list of presidential nominees every four years and saying to ourselves, “is this the best we can do?”  And most importantly, we are ready to take action.  The goals of theyoungamerican are as follows:

1.       Create a forum for likeminded youngamericans to discuss the principles and policies that will lead the country forward in a way that is consistent with our country’s founding.  (Our founding along with The Almighty’s blessing is the reason American has had the success that it has.)

2.       To nominate, vet, discuss, and eventually elect youngamericans across the country to office starting at the local level (if we don’t start locally we will never get to the national level).

3.       To establish a grassroots movement to rival that of liberal groups that wish to reshape the country and take it away from the principles and values of our founding.


We are not alone.  There are millions of fellow youngamericans out there.  Now we just need to strategize, mobilize and MOVE!


  1. I love what it is that you’re doing, keep up the good work and I’ll see you around.

  2. theyoungamerican

    Thanks methodus. Make sure to sign up for the email updates. I dont’ send them out often. Your blog is funny, btw.

  3. interesting. As a 13 year old political blogger, this feels like a pretty good idea. See you around.


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